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Insurance Products

You work hard building and growing your business.

Every hour you spend, product or service you sell, or goal you meet is important. So when it comes to securing insurance, it’s critical to work with an expert who understands your unique challenges and potential liabilities.

Our team gets to know your business and industry so we can identify the best insurance for your situation. We also have access to exclusive programs and pricing, allowing us to provide excellent rates.

Here are some of the types of insurance we offer:

Business Insurance Products

Commercial property insurance

Replace or repair property in the event of loss, including situations where property is stolen.

General liability insurance

Protect your company from claims that arise from negligent acts or errors of omission.

Commercial package policy

This policy is a customized package that includes two or more coverage forms, such as combining liability and property risks.

Business owners policy

This type of policy is excellent for combining protection from all major property and liability risks into a single and affordable package.

Commercial auto insurance

From a single business vehicle to an entire fleet, we offer secure, high-quality coverage for your company’s vehicles.

Commercial umbrella insurance

Even with excellent coverage, there are events that may exceed your coverage limits. A commercial umbrella policy picks up where other coverages leave off.

Directors and officers liability insurance

Wrongful act allegations and lawsuits can be devastating to a business. This policy takes care of defense costs and damages that arise from these types of allegations.

Crime insurance policy

Criminal acts occur when we least expect them. As a business owner, you need protection from employee theft, forgery, robbery and extortion.

Workers compensation insurance

We offer a variety of options for meeting your workers’ compensation needs, such as a traditional policy or cost-effective safety groups.

Disability insurance

This policy provides benefits when a person is disabled and unable to work. Coverage varies, but may replace anywhere from 45 to 65 percent of the employee’s income.

Inland marine insurance

This type of insurance covers the loss of movable or specialized types of property. While it was created to cover the transport of goods over water, it has evolved to cover many different forms of land transportation as well.

Ocean marine insurance

Tailor-made policies insure your goods from the point of origin to the customer’s doorstep, all under a single policy at reasonable rates.

Errors and omissions and professional liability insurance

Protect your business from claims of negligence or failure to perform your professional duties.

Other Business Offerings

Boiler and machinery policies

Many policies do not cover the mechanical breakdown of machinery. This policy is designed to protect against catastrophic property loss, such as a steam boiler or other equipment that unexpectedly breaks down.

Bond insurance

This type of insurance guarantees scheduled payments and interest on the principle of bonds or other securities if the payment is defaulted on by the issuer of the bond.

Vacant policies

We can assist with locating a policy that will protect your vacant property from acts of vandalism, lability, fire and other potentially serious issues.

Builders risk

Cover your business’s interests in materials, features or equipment that are being used in the construction or renovation of a building structure.

Personal Insurance

Auto insurance

Safeguard against financial loss in the event that your car is involved in a motor vehicle accident. We’ll help you find the best policy that provides adequate coverage based on your needs.

Boat insurance

Owning a boat creates hours of recreational activity, but if there’s an unexpected accident, it’s important to be protected. Boat insurance covers you in these types of situations.

Motorcycle insurance

We’ll help you locate the best policy for your situation, which provides financial protection in the event of accident, loss, theft or damage.

Personal liability insurance

This type of insurance is critical in the event of a serious injury or illness that affects a person’s ability to earn. Financial security is provided during these life-altering situations.

Home insurance

Safeguard against liabilities and injuries that occur on your property through a quality homeowners insurance policy.

Personal umbrella insurance

Even if you have excellent insurance coverage, at times it may not be enough. In these circumstances, a personal umbrella policy picks up where your other policies leave off.

Dwelling fire

This type of insurance protects your home against situations specifically named in the policy. Most commonly it’s used for situations such as fire, hail and lightning.

We understand that you worked hard to build your business. It’s our goal to understand your challenges and ensure that your risk is minimized and your assets are adequately covered — at a price that you can afford.

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